Disney Dining: Homecomin’ Kitchen at Disney Springs

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Homecomin’ Kitchen at Disney Springs is easily one of the best restaurants in all of Disney. Founded on Southern cooking and a homey ambiance, Homecomin’ Kitchen brings you the most delicious and relaxing meal you can have at Walt Disney World. From the famous fried chicken and mac and cheese to the outdoor patio right on the water, everyone will feel like home at the beautiful Homecomin’ Kitchen.

Important Information

Homecomin’ Kitchen is located at the Landing section of Disney Springs right along the crystal blue “springs”. They are open for lunch and dinner every day, and they also have a special brunch available on Saturdays and Sundays. Homecomin’ Kitchen will get packed especially as the day goes on so dining reservations are recommended, but reservations are very easy to get. I have walked in many times without a reservation, and I am usually seated within 30 minutes. It is a table-service restaurant, but dining here is very casual so any attire is welcome.


The history at Homecomin’ Kitchen is so important that the server will introduce you to all the fun facts behind the restaurant once you are seated. Homecomin’ Kitchen was created by Chef Art Smith, an award-winning celebrity chef and Florida native. Chef Art Smith was also a part of what we now call the Disney College Program making the restaurant’s idea of “homecoming” even more true. You will find small little mementos and pictures throughout the restaurant paying tribute to Chef Art Smith’s time in Florida and his many trips to Walt Disney World.

The Atmosphere

The best way to describe the atmosphere of Homecomin’ Kitchen is that it truly feels like you are walking into your own home for a meal. With a large patio overlooking the water, guests can enjoy the sounds of Disney Springs and the warm Florida weather. The decor in the main restaurant includes warm lighting and country style, with a hand-painted mural of farmlands and chandeliers made from potato sacks. All of the servers are friendly and welcoming, and every single one is knowledgeable in the history of the restaurant and the menu.

The Menu

The entire menu pays homage to Florida’s agricultural history, with farm-to-table menu items and Florida-sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a very large drink menu, with everything from moonshine to resort cocktails. Some drink favorites are the “Florida Crush”, the “Memphis Belle”, and their homemade lemonade. Everything on the menu at Homecomin’ Kitchen is delicious, and you really cannot go wrong with any choice. Make sure to start your meal off with the incredible homemade hushpuppies with pimento cheese and red jalapeno jelly. The restaurant is known for their famous “Art’s Famous Fried Chicken” that has been brined for over 24 hours and includes a cheddar biscuit and mashed potatoes on the side. For an upcharge, you can get the “Momma’s Mac and Cheese” as a side option, and I cannot recommend this menu item enough. This mac and cheese is easily the best mac and cheese on property, and it will probably be the best mac and cheese you have ever had! And finally, the desserts, which somehow exceed the high standards the Homecomin’ Kitchen entrees create. Try the hummingbird cake, pecan pie, doughnuts, or “Auntie’s Chocolate Cake” for the perfect sweet end to your meal! For Saturday and Sunday brunch, menu items include the hush puppy benedict, french toast, shrimp and grits, and a fried chicken biscuit. During brunch, they even have several special cocktails such as the blueberry mimosa and many variations of a blood mary.

Overall Experience

Homecomin’ Kitchen is easily one of the best restaurants at Disney World, if not the best. I have many times hopped over to Disney Springs to eat here, even if I had been at the parks the rest of the day, just to enjoy the incredible dining experience and food. With a casual atmosphere, the best food on property, friendly servers, a rich history, and the perfect water view, you will find yourself coming back to the incredible Homecomin’ Kitchen over and over again.




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