My Perfect Day at the Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom represents the essence of all things magical, dreamy, and inspirational in Disney. When people think of Disney World, most people’s thoughts immediately jump to the stunning Cinderella Castle with a view down Main Street. Magic Kingdom is by far my favorite park at Disney World, and I have visited this park at least 30+ times. It is a must-visit on every Walt Disney World trip, and I have perfected how to have my best day ever at the classic Disney park! This post will share how to have the most magic-filled day at Magic Kingdom, and some of my tried and true favorites across the park.

*Please keep in mind, I made this schedule planning for no fastpasses and no dining reservations at all. Some of my favorite Disney trips are last minute and unplanned trips, and therefore we aren’t always able to get all the fastpasses and reservations we would like. This plan is keeping that in mind, and trying to make the best of it anyways!*

Early Morning

Take a quick monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom, arriving at least 20-30 mins before official park opening (Magic Kingdom usually opens around 9 AM unless you are able to utilize Extra Magic Hours on select days)!

The gates are usually open for about an hour before the park officially opens, and you have access to Main Street USA and the area in front of Cinderella Castle. Magic Kingdom’s welcome show, Let the Magic Begins, starts 5 minutes before the park opens and will take place in front of Cinderella Castle. Be ready at one of the rope drop locations to head to the land you are wanting!

My first destination is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, so I will be waiting at the rope drop to the right of the castle that leads toward Mad Tea Party. The wait right at rope drop will probably be around 30 minutes at most if you are towards the front of the rope area and can walk efficiently! (*Side note: I have seen this ride break down right at park open so have a backup option*)

Your goal in the morning is to utilize as much time towards the rides with long waits! With that in mind, I would make my way over to Peter Pan (this wait gets crazy long, and I have never in my life seen it under an hour). Next up on the plan is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! This ride queue is half-outdoors so best to get it done earlier rather than later (especially in the Florida heat).

Late Morning

About two hours after the park opens, most of the rides will have significantly long lines. At this time, I would go grab my breakfast and coffee (a must)! I would head to Sleepy Hollow located in Liberty Square. Sleepy Hollow is a quick-service restaurant where you can get the fresh fruit waffle sandwich with nutella! This waffle is probably one of my favorite things to eat at MK. They also serve Mickey waffles here so this is an all around good breakfast option for everyone!

I would then head over to Starbucks on Main Street for a vanilla latte or a very berry hibiscus refresher depending on how hot it is outside! I would take my refreshments and sit down in one of the grassy hub areas in front of the castle and try and catch a showing of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire.

Now I would head over to Fantasyland again and hit up some of the smaller rides! I would try to do The Barnstormer, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad Tea Party, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (if the wait isn’t crazy), and the Little Mermaid.

Early Afternoon

Now that it’s getting into full sun during the day, I would head over to Tomorrowland for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. I love to grab a Mickey bar on my way to the PeopleMover, and enjoy it during the ride. Mickey’s PhilharMagic (probably my favorite ride ever) would be my next stop because it is the perfect 20 minute break in air conditioning with seating.

I would then do Enchanted Tales with Belle depending on the wait time. For lunch, I would head over to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Frontierland for some yummy nachos.

I would finish up by riding Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean, and head back to Main Street USA for a viewing of the Festival of Fantasy Parade (since the parade will start at this location 20 or so minutes after 3).


Late Afternoon

After watching Festival of Fantasy Parade, I would make my way through all of the Main Street USA shops, especially the Emporium. I utilize the afternoons at Magic Kingdom by walking through most of the shops around the park, and I would definitely make a quick stop to get a Dole Whip along the way in Adventureland.

At this point in the evening I have finished up almost all the rides I wanted to do (except for Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain which will be saved for nighttime). I would spend my time enjoying the shops and all the different guest experiences like the Dapper Dans, Casey Corner’s Pianist, and the Flag Retreat.

One of my just-discovered favorite things at Magic Kingdom to do is Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. It is an interactive attraction involving cards and walking around the park to certain destinations based on a map. The idea is that you are trying to help Merlin keep evildoers from taking over the Magic Kingdom. You can sign up and find out more info on this attraction at the Main Street Firehouse (more info to come on Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in a separate blog post)!


Early Evening

For dinner I would head over to Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland! They serve typical park food as well as flatbreads and pastas.

I would try to take all my pictures around the park during these “golden hours” between dinner time and the fireworks show. The crowds should die down now, mainly around the castle, as everyone seeks out dinner places, and the light is perfect for catching all those magical shots!

I would finish up this early evening time by watching a viewing of Once Upon a Time and the Happily Ever After fireworks show in front of Cinderella Castle!

Late Evening

Usually I would stay till the park closes, but depending on how many rides I get done during the day, I may leave the parks a couple hours early to beat the waits trying to catch a monorail back to the resorts or the TTC.

On my way out of the Magic Kingdom I would stop by Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain!

I would take the resort monorail around to the Contemporary, the Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian to do some exploring before I head back to the resort for the night.



I would love to hear about your perfect Magic Kingdom day in the comments below!


And do as dreamers do,



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