• Top 10 Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia- Do as Dreamers Do

    Top 10 Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah, GA is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Southeast. Soaked in Southern charm, Savannah features oak trees covered with Spanish moss, horse-drawn carriages, historical architecture, and haunted houses. Here are the top 10 things to do in or near Savannah, GA, especially for first-time visitors!   1. Explore River Street River Street is one of the highlights of Savannah! It is located next to the Savannah River so you will see many cargo ships entering into the port as you explore the area. Cobblestones line the street and historic buildings greet you on the side of the street. It is a big tourist area, and…

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    A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tampa and St. Petersburg

    I like to think of myself as a coffee enthusiast (more like coffee fanatic if I am being honest), and Tampa has been pretty high on my bucket list in terms of trying out some of the best coffee there is. And I can definitely say all expectations were met! Tampa has some of the most unique, best-tasting coffee I have ever had. The shops were beautiful and inspiring, and the baristas were all so kind and helpful while making you the coffee of your dreams! This will be a guide to the best coffee shops in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area and unique traits of each shop. *These…

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    My Perfect Day at the Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom represents the essence of all things magical, dreamy, and inspirational in Disney. When people think of Disney World, most people’s thoughts immediately jump to the stunning Cinderella Castle with a view down Main Street. Magic Kingdom is by far my favorite park at Disney World, and I have visited this park at least 30+ times. It is a must-visit on every Walt Disney World trip, and I have perfected how to have my best day ever at the classic Disney park! This post will share how to have the most magic-filled day at Magic Kingdom, and some of my tried and true favorites across the park. *Please keep…

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    Adventure is Out There

    Adventure. Friendship. Imagination. Laughter. Memories. Dreams. All of these words describe the movie Up. This movie inspires all of us to chase after our wildest dreams and to love and cherish the ones on the adventure with us. It helps us to remember that the days are short and our time here on Earth is so limited, so why not live each day like we are going after our own Paradise Falls? Up helps us to see that the people on the adventure with us are much more important than the adventure itself. So this post is dedicated to the movie that helped me dream bigger, love more, and make…

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    Whistle While You Work

    With the new year here, I have so many hopes, dreams, and goals for this year. The only way I am able to get things done is to have music in the background! Spotify playlists filled with instrumental music have fueled me to get through long nights of studying during nursing school and now motivate me to work on this blog and all the posts I want to share with you. I have created a Spotify Playlist featuring 8 hours worth of Disney instrumental music that I wanted to share with you in hopes it will get you through that Monday work day or that long night working hard on…

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    Exploring Lahaina, Maui

    Lahaina was easily one of my favorite places in Maui. Steeped with culture, shopping, amazing food, and plenty of excursions for everyone in the family, this charming little town cannot be beat. I wanted to share with you my favorite parts of Lahaina and what we were able to do here during our honeymoon!                           We technically spent two days in Lahaina. There is really so much to do here, you could easily spend a couple of days here and not get everything done. One of my favorite parts of our Lahaina visit was the drive over to…

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    Staying at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

    Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is charming, beautiful, and filled with all the magic of a Disney resort. This resort is one of two Disney Vacation Club Resorts that are not actually located at the Disney parks (with the other one being Disney’s Vero Beach Resort). While it is an official Disney Vacation Club Resort, anyone can stay on this property! I am not a DVC member, and my friends and I were able to book a stay here for a weekend in May. My friend called ahead to see when rooms would be available and whether we would be able to stay there as non-DVC members. While this resort…

  • Disneyland: Where the Dream Began- Do as Dreamers Do

    Disneyland: Where the Dream Began

    After growing up in Walt Disney World and learning all the facts about Walt Disney himself, I was so excited to plan a trip to Disneyland as a part of our honeymoon! We spent about 2 and a half days at Disneyland exploring both parks and the Downtown Disney area! I’m here to share with you what I loved about Disneyland (and what I didn’t) and some of our favorite things from the trip. This was my first ever trip to Disneyland. I had some decently high expectations, and I was told many times to not expect much of it compared to Disney World. While my heart will always be…

  • My Disney World Bucket List

    My Disney Bucket List

    I believe every Disney fan should have their own personalized Disney Bucket List! These include all the experiences I have not experienced yet at the Disney Parks or ones I have not done since I was a young child. Hopefully this list inspires you to make your own Disney Bucket List!     All of the Disney World parks in one day I have seen several people complete this, and it is definitely a must on my list! Trying to deal with transportation while also getting in a few rides at each park would be the challenge with this one. Participate in a runDisney race I am ready to check…

  • When God has a Different Plan

    When God has a Different Plan

    Senior year of college. Last semester. You have this entire plan laid out for how you would like the next couple months to go (or maybe you don’t even know where to begin). This is where I found myself (and where all of my friends were as well) earlier this year. God had set something on my heart, yet it seemed as though that plan was not working out the way it should. Would God really bring me this far to have me fail? That answer for me, at the time, was no, but the honest answer is that it could be yes. And not fail in that you have…