• ephesians 3:20-21

    “dreams are the language of heaven”

    “Dreams are the language of Heaven.” – a quote from our pastor at the 1 year anniversary of our church The entire sermon was on dreaming, and specifically the idea of finding a God-dream for your life and working towards it. I don’t really know why I found this true, but for a while I often struggled with relating dreaming and dreams to my faith (mostly throughout high school and college). Not that they were ever truly detached from each other, but I think it is a concept not really talked about or really discussed in the church. Disney encouraged me to go after my dreams, but sometimes at church…

  • Running my first marathon | Do as Dreamers Do

    Running My First Marathon

    On October 8, 2021, I finally ran my first marathon. It still doesn’t feel real, mostly because it was an entirely virtual race, meaning there was no finish line or cheering crowds. It also was easily the most difficult run of my life. While the finish line was virtual, the miles to get there were not any less real. Running usually comes easy to me, which made the training for this first marathon both easier and harder. I signed up for the race originally in the spring of this year, but after an insanely busy spring and summer, I did not end up starting my training till July. In July…

  • Autumn Bucket List 2021 | Do as Dreamers Do

    Autumn Bucket List

    As we fully enter into October, I wanted to share with you all my autumn bucket list! I find myself wanting to be more intentional with how I spend my days and time, and I believe bucket lists are a great way to do that. People often use the phrase “romanticizing their life” to describe making simple, ordinary moments of their life into beautiful experiences. I want this bucket list to help me romanticize this autumn season and to live it to the fullest!   bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread/muffins It would not be a real fall without some baking and all things pumpkin. I love pumpkin because while some…