ephesians 3:20-21

“dreams are the language of heaven”

“Dreams are the language of Heaven.” – a quote from our pastor at the 1 year anniversary of our church

The entire sermon was on dreaming, and specifically the idea of finding a God-dream for your life and working towards it.

I don’t really know why I found this true, but for a while I often struggled with relating dreaming and dreams to my faith (mostly throughout high school and college). Not that they were ever truly detached from each other, but I think it is a concept not really talked about or really discussed in the church. Disney encouraged me to go after my dreams, but sometimes at church I felt like I was being told to settle. Or I wasn’t being told anything at all. Was it bad for me to want more for my life than to just raise a family? While that is such good and important God work, I didn’t fully believe that was the only work God had for me.

But as our pastor was mentioning, and I completely agree with, God created us to dream. And not to dream small, but to dream big. To dream impossible dreams. We serve a God who loves to dream. His language is dreams. And we are able to serve God and others by going after these dreams.

We often aim for small sized dreams. Practical dreams. Dreams that are accepted by society. Dreams that look pretty. Dreams that fit in with our skills and abilities. If I had never run a day in my life, why would I make a dream of running a marathon? If I am a 20-something year old, shouldn’t my goal be to own a house before 30?

But the size of our dream should not be based on our ability or skill or our circumstances. But on the size of our God. And what we believe He is capable of.

Now imagine dreaming with that in mind. Why couldn’t you climb Mount Everest? Or own a million dollar business? Or become an Olympian? Truly there should be no limits to our dreams, as there are no limits to our God. What a freeing feeling to be able to dream with no limits or bounds. To dream like a child would. To fully and passionately chase after what your heart is set on.

Something our pastor mentioned in his sermon was that a God dream should not be about us, but rather what we can do for others. It saves us from living a life only focused on us. It gives us meaning and purpose that will far outlive our own lifetime. And what is the point of a dream if it dies with you? If it only affects you and no one around you? We were made not to serve ourselves, but to serve others. And our entire lives should be a testament to this.

This sermon brought forth a current of passion and spirit to want to chase after all the dreams. The dreams that have been placed on my heart. The dreams that seem so out of reach, yet I feel like I was meant to accomplish. I don’t want to live stuck in this box of a life I set up for myself. I want to live for so much more. And I want that for my friends and my family and anyone I might encounter.

So this is it. Your encouragement to dream. Pray with God. Reach the very depths of His spirit in You. And ask for what dreams He is placing on Your heart. It may only be one. He may not give you that dream for several years. But you can rest in knowing that every step He takes you on is leading you towards that dream. Live for more than yourself. Not just to make more money. To get married. To own a house. To start a family. (Which all of these things are incredible and amazing and truly God’s work) But live for that God dream that He has placed on your life. Live for more, for a life that will reach so much more than just you. God is begging you to dream big.

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