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Adventure. Friendship. Imagination. Laughter. Memories. Dreams. All of these words describe the movie Up. This movie inspires all of us to chase after our wildest dreams and to love and cherish the ones on the adventure with us. It helps us to remember that the days are short and our time here on Earth is so limited, so why not live each day like we are going after our own Paradise Falls? Up helps us to see that the people on the adventure with us are much more important than the adventure itself. So this post is dedicated to the movie that helped me dream bigger, love more, and make new friends even in the most unlikely situations. I hope to share with you the history behind this movie, some fun facts you may not know, some style inspiration I created from this movie, and why the music and movie have made such an impact on those it touches.

The History

Pete Docter, the director, began working on this movie in 2004, based on fantasies of escaping from life when it becomes too irritating. Up was released in May of 2009, and it opened at the Cannes Film Festival, becoming the first 3d and animated film to do so. The entire movie idea started with a sketch that Pete Docter made of a flying house strung with hundreds of balloons. The inspiration behind Paradise Falls came from Tepui Mountain Range in Venezuela and the famous Angel Falls. Docter wanted all of the animation to be technically and artistically “wrong” in every way, to make things not actually look real (for example, Carl is a square character only 3 heads tall).

The Fun Facts

  • Up was the first Pixar film to be released in Digital 3D
  • Up received 5 Academy Award nominations; it is the 2nd animated film in history to receive a nomination for Best Picture (the first being Beauty and the Beast)
  • Pete Docter (director) and 11 other Pixar artists spent 3 days in Venezuela for inspiration and research
  • Alpha’s voice was made on the idea 0f what happens to a record player if it breaks and only plays at a high pitch.
  • The floating house is attached to exactly 10, 297 balloons.
  • During the production of the movie, the animation team produced an average of 4 seconds of animations each week
  • Paradise Falls is 9700 feet tall, which is three times higher than Angel Falls, the inspiration behind Paradise Falls.
  • The entire trek from where Carl and Russell first landed to the top of Paradise Falls is 14.5 miles.
  • For inspiration behind Kevin, Pixar brought in a group of live ostriches to the studio.
  • Some of the moments of Carl and Ellie were inspired by stranger’s home movies that were bought off eBay.
  • When Carl is summoned to court, you can see the room number is “A113” the same number used in many Pixar films; A1-13 was the animation classroom in the Character Animation Program at California Institute of the Arts
  • The character of Charles Muntz was modeled after several classic actors as well as Walt Disney himself
  • The young actor who voiced Russell would run around the room before saying his lines to capture his energetic spirit.
  • The filmmakers posed as musicians at an elderly home for research for the movie


The Style

Up is probably by biggest Disney style inspiration. All of bright and vivid colors showcased in Carl and Ellie’s life (especially the house!), Paradise Falls, and the real star of the movie= the balloons. This movie inspires my style to be whimsical and playful as if I am going to go sailing through the skies in my own little dream house attached to thousands of balloons.



This first look I created was by absolute favorite. I really wanted to incorporate those colorful balloons into each part of my outfit. The striped headband can be found at Francesca’s and made me feel like Ellie with her classic style. The shirt is from UNIQLO and it says in white writing “Friendship is out there”. It is probably one of my favorite shirts I own, but it was bought several years ago and is no longer available. The bag is a Loungefly bag that features all of your favorite characters from the movie (Russell, Carl, Doug, and Kevin), and this bag can be found at BoxLunch (but it is currently out of stock). Anywhere I go, whether Disney World or to the local mall, I get at least 10 compliments on this bag because it is the cutest thing ever, and I guarantee it will sell out soon so buy quickly! The skirt I bought years ago, and I do not remember where it was from. My bracelets are Alex and Ani bracelets (because they are my favorite). Disney even sells some of their own Alex and Ani bracelets on the Shop Disney website!


My next outfit design was inspired by the romanticism behind Carl and Ellie’s love as well as the charming details that can be found throughout the movie. My headband is again from Francesca’s and this time it is pink. My pink corduroy jacket can also be found at Francesca’s, and it is my new favorite jacket in the world. Super comfy while keeping you warm; it is the perfect layer for any blouse or graphic t-shirt! I bought my shirt from the Disney Store last year, and it does not look like they sell it anymore.  And I had to feature this bag from BoxLunch one more time because I do not think I will ever get over my love for it!


The Music

The music behind Up was scored by Michael Giacchino who also scored the music for two other Pixar films, Ratatouille and The Incredibles. All of the inspiration behind the music was centered around the idea of bringing out emotion. The score was even created to be “old-timey” because it was based on the music that Carl would have lived through, starting in the early 30s. The music was made to sound so simple it could be played from a music box. When I think of the music from this movie, it always brings nostalgia. “Married Life” was my a part of my husband’s and I’s first dance song during our wedding. I feel as though each song in Up reminds every person of a special and monumental moment in their own life.

The Movie

And really what can I even say about this movie? That it truly never gets old. That it should be the movie of our generation for the good-heartedness joy and laughter it brings to everyone who watches it. Carl reminds us of our own grandfathers or of what we might become in old age, and of a state in life we hope to never get to of loneliness and depression. Russell brings out the child in us, reminding us what it is like to go after something (getting that “assisting the elderly” Wilderness Explorer badge), to believe the best of everyone we meet, to care for others of all shapes and sizes (even in the form of the bird Kevin), and to imagine and dream that anything can happen. These two characters shape the whole movie. While Paradise Falls is beautiful and Doug is my dream dog, the story in the movie is about the love and friendship between Carl and Russell and why the people we share our adventures with are so much more important than the adventures themselves.


Thank for following along on this adventure with me,



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