Disney Dining: Lamplight Lounge

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Lamplight Lounge is a restaurant and bar located in Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure. It is a tribute to all things Pixar, from the stories it has created to the creatives that made these stories for us to enjoy.

Important Information

Lamplight Lounge is located in Disney California Adventure in Disneyland. It is located right at the entrance of Pixar Pier! It is a  sit down restaurant with a full bar, full views of Paradise Bay, and artistic food. The upstairs lounge area of Lamplight Lounge offers drinks, appetizers, and shareable menu items, while the downstairs offers a full sit-down restaurant and bar. There is indoor and outdoor seating available; outdoor seating offers views of Pixar Pier while indoor seating offers you tons of Pixar decor near you.



Lamplight Lounge opened summer of 2018. Before Lamplight Lounge the space was occupied by Cove Bar (upstairs) and Ariel’s Grotto (downstairs). Cove Bar had been the most popular bar in the entire Disneyland/DCA area. It even had to expand in 2015 due to its growing popularity, mainly for the iconic lobster nachos that are still served today at Lamplight Lounge. Ariel’s Grotto was a fixed-price restaurant serving a Princess breakfast and a three-course Princess lunch.

The Atmosphere

Lamplight Lounge was made to seem like an old warehouse that has been transformed into a lounge. Small little Pixar details can be found throughout the entire restaurant, or what many Pixar fans may call “easter eggs”. Collectible toys, movie posters, t-shirts, pixar quotes and the like can be found littered throughout the lounge. All of the coasters have sketches of Pixar characters (they also have blank ones you can even sketch on yourself if you are feeling inspired). The iconic Pixar lamp and Luxo ball can be found throughout the restaurant in many different ways.

There is even a fun, secret dining space called The Office. This room is usually used to make magic for certain guests at Lamplight Lounge. This space can seat up to 13 guests and has a special secret entrance disguised as a vault!


The Menu

Lamplight Lounge now offers brunch, but originally the restaurant only served lunch and dinner. The items are California-inspired and some say the food options remind them of a gastro pub. Some of the most popular appetizers (ranging in price from $12-$22) at this lounge are the potato skins($14), crispy piggy wings($17), and lobster nachos($21-also if you don’t like lobster, you can exchange it out). We tried both the potato skins and the crispy piggy wings, and they were absolutely incredible! Entree options include salads ($21), chicken sandwich ($21), burger ($22), salmon plt($23), and ratatouille($19). Many would say that the appetizers are better than the entrees (and I would completely agree). Lamplight Lounge is the perfect place for appetizers, drinks, and desserts!

The only dessert options is the donuts($9), and it is probably one of my favorite desserts ever had on Disney property. They are light and fluffy, and come with a chocolate and a fruit dip (strawberry or raspberry- I cannot remember which). This dessert is so filling, and a definite must when coming to Lamplight Lounge.

The kids’ options include PB and J roll ($8), the burger slider ($10), and pasta with cheese sauce and fish($10).

The drink menu features all kinds of festive, Pixar-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some of the non-alcoholic drinks include 2319 ($6.50), Goofball Island ($6.50), and Infinity Fizz ($7). Lamplight Lounge has a pretty large cocktail list for those who want an alcoholic drink, as well as a large beer and wine list. The Pixar-theming continues with the cocktail list, and some of the most popular drinks include Scream Canister ($14.25), Final with a Fix ($13.25), and the Last Word ($12.75).

While the brunch is brand new, and I have not had a chance to try it, here are some of the fun menu items they feature: New York Avocado Toast ($28), Indulgent French Toast ($19), Crab & Potato Cake Benedict ($22), and Cinnamon Toast cocktail ($13.50).

Overall Experience

For me, Pixar brings all those tingly feelings of nostalgia, hope, joy, love, mourning, and, above all, magic. Lamplight Lounge is the perfect representation of Pixar movies, while still representing the creators behind the magic of Pixar. It is every bit whimsical, imaginative, and creative in the decor and small little details around the building. The food is some of the best I have had at a Disney park, and is the perfect way to take a break from a long day. The drinks are crazy festive and fun, and are great whether you get an alcoholic drink or nonalcoholic drink. I feel as though Lamplight Lounge is a must on every Disneyland trip, and I cannot wait for the day I get to go back to this magical little lounge!

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