Exploring Paia, Maui

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The beautiful coastal town of Paia sits along the North Shore of Maui, mixing hip surf culture and exotic jungle living with the Road to Hana beginning in this little town. In Paia, you will find the best beach in Maui with sea turtles and windsurfing, shops, boutiques, and unique restaurants. Paia is the perfect place to really enjoy the authentic Hawaiian culture without it being too “touristy”; here you can find a unique blend of natural food shops, eclectic stores, and kind people.

Paia was easily my favorite town in Maui. There were unique shops here and local restaurants we had never seen before that we were able to try! My favorite shops in the main Paia area were Heart in Paia Gift Shop, Lele, and Pearl. We had to try the main coffee shop in the area, Paia Bay Coffee & Bar. It is nestled in the back of a swim wear store in a small garden area. While the coffee was not our favorite that we tried, we loved the little nook it was in and the casual, laid-back atmosphere it created.

For lunch we tried Flatbread Company which is a wood-fired pizza place with organic ingredients where they make their pizza in traditional clay ovens! This restaurant perfectly described the feel of Paia, with a laid-back atmosphere and casual hangs. Our server was incredible, and we were able to sit right next to the oven and watch all the pizzas go in and out. We just bought one big pizza to split, and it was incredible.


A trip to a Hawaiian town is not complete without an acai bowl. We tried Paia Bowls, and it was probably one of my favorite acai bowl places we visited in Hawaii. This is the perfect place to get that perfect picture of an acai bowl (because they are literally beautiful), and they have a small outdoor seating area to enjoy it before you adventure more. They also sell coffee, smoothies, and avocado toast so you have everything you need right here. We loved this little spot, and the acai bowl was delicious.

Since there is not enough to do to spend your entire day at the main town of Paia, in the afternoon we headed over to Ho’okipa Beach which is just a couple minutes down the road. I am not even exaggerating when I say this is the most beautiful beach in Maui. I was not expecting much when we came here since we were staying in the Wailea area, and there is a lot of hype about the Wailea beaches. I was just so excited to see possibly see one sea turtle. This beach blew every expectation, and if I go back to Maui, I just want to spend a full day at this beach people-watching and turtle-watching. Here are some magical pictures from this incredible place.

Pulling into the parking lot of this beach, you are greeted with cliffside ocean views with view of sea turtles and windsurfers in the distance. Just coming into the parking lot is worth the trip, but the best views are seen from the beach. Once stepping onto the beach head to the right to see all the Hawaiian green sea turtles! They have the area blocked off so that these turtles can rest in peace, but you have a perfect view and are almost always guaranteed to see a turtle. As you walk down to the left side of the beach, there are barely any people in the area. This is the perfect place to take a seat and enjoy the stunning views and the sea breeze. You can see all the wind surfers from the beach or walk even further down to get better views. I honestly cannot truly describe how incredible this beach and experience was. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the entire trip and not enough people know about this beautiful place.

Do yourself a favor and make sure to take a stop at the adorable surfer town of Paia, where you can find all of the best beaches, sea turtles, friendly people, and acai bowls!

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